TS TECH‘s Value Creation

Value Creation Process

The TS TECH Group is actively working to solve social issues as well as customer issues based on the TS TECH Philosophy. In conducting these activities, we employ the creation of appropriate strategies and resource allocation in line with factors such as the external environment, risks, and opportunities. Going forward, we will strive to create value for the realization of a sustainable society and aim to be a corporate citizen that is appreciated by stakeholders around the world.

Vision and Mission

The TS Philosophy is a company principle that has been passed on since the company’s founding to achieve the TS Group’s aim of being “a company sincerely welcomed by all.”

TS Philosophy

We believe a company that promotes transparent, sound business management and is appreciated by all stakeholders is one that possesses great promise. The TS Guidelines for Conduct govern the day-to-day actions of every executive and employee, and guides them toward appropriate decisions so that the TS TECH Group can be just such a company.

TS Guidelines for Conduct

Value Chain (Value creation strategy)

Basic policies on value creation in the five areas of research and development, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, quality control, and initiatives based on basic policies are explained.

Value Chain

Summary of business and achievements

A summary of consolidated performance for the fiscal year ended March 2019 and highlights of business activities are shared.

In the manufacture of its products, TS TECH pursues safety, environmental sustainability, and comfort. The pursuit of comfort in particular is multifaceted and deep, and over the course of time this pursuit is subject to an infinite process of evolution.

Our corporate message is “Beyond Comfort.” “Beyond” connotes transcending, rising above, or going ahead of something, while “Comfort” denotes ease, contentment, and relaxation. Put together, they represent our will to deliver much more than just comfort. Our actions are underpinned by the belief that comfort leads to satisfaction, which in turn brings joy to the end users of our products. We are not bound to the present. Rather, we will create values that go beyond the present in order to bring joy to all our stakeholders.

As we continue to grow as a global manufacturer of automobile interior components, we are determined to embody our beliefs to be a company dedicated to realizing people’s potential and a company sincerely welcomed by all. To accomplish this, we will incorporate ESG-focused management that considers environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) issues, and we will strive to help build a sustainable world.

Examples of Initiatives to Help Build a Sustainable World

The TS TECH Group is mindful not only of clients we do business with directly but also end users who actually use our products, always striving to manufacture safe, satisfying products that they can use for a long time. The group works as one to develop products that help make local communities sustainable.

Examples of Initiatives to Help Build a Sustainable World
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