Stakeholder Engagement

The TS TECH Philosophy calls for the Group to be a company sincerely appreciated by all of its stakeholders—from customers and employees to shareholders and investors, business partners, and local communities. To achieve this goal, we proactively carry out ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and incorporate the opinions and requests we receive into our management.

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  Relationship with stakeholders Dialogue method
(auto manufacturers, end users)
Based on daily dialogue, we build long-term trusting relationships by identifying customer needs from the very first stage of product development and proposing and creating products that exceed expectations. We also actively seek feedback from end users so that we can develop even better products.
  • Daily sales activities
  • Collect opinions from end users through the subsidiary company that sells automobiles
  • Development and engineering roundtable meetings
  • Roundtable meetings with business partners hosted by customers
  • Exhibitions including next-generation vehicle interior presentations
Employees The Group aims to be a company where all employees are motivated and can achieve growth, in line with its twin visions of being “A company dedicated to realizing people’s potential” and “A company sincerely appreciated by all.” To achieve this, we are developing our work environment to create comfortable workplaces and are also accelerating initiatives designed to improve employee engagement.
  • Distribution of video of President’s Message (worldwide)
  • Engagement survey
  • Various education and training sessions
  • Internal portal site, in-house newsletter
  • Whistleblower hotline system, consultation service
  • Consultation with the labor union
Shareholders and Investors The Group strives to rapidly, accurately, and equitably disclose information, based on its disclosure policies. In addition, we proactively engage in dialogue with shareholders and investors to improve our medium- and long-term corporate value.
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Financial results briefings (interim, full year)
  • Dialogue between senior management and the Group’s shareholders and investors
  • Investor relations (IR) meetings every quarter
  • Websites (IR information for investors)
  • Briefings for individual investors
Business partners Strong partnerships with business partners are essential for the Group to consistently supply high-quality products. We treat all business partners fairly and equitably and hold dialogues in line with the Supplier Sustainability Guidelines in order to build trusting relationships on a global basis.
  • Daily purchasing activities
  • Annual conference with major business partners
  • Supplier awards
  • Carbon Neutrality Seminars
  • Deployment of Supplier Sustainability Guidelines
  • Supply chain surveys
Local communities Our determination to be a company with deep roots in local communities has inspired us to get involved in various philanthropic programs, such as support for childrearing and environmental conservation (213 programs around the world in fiscal 2023). We will continue to carry out initiatives tailored to the needs of each community, so that we can achieve sustainable growth together with the communities where we do business.
  • Participation in and cosponsorship of local events
  • Offering classes at local schools, donation of goods
  • Environmental conservation activities such as tree planting and local cleanups
  • Donation of goods to public facilities
  • Holding baseball training sessions for kids

Specific Examples

Involvement with Customers

Proposing new interiors for next-generation vehicles

There have been dramatic changes surrounding the auto industry in recent years. In order to respond to these changes, accurately identify customer needs, and provide products that exceed expectations, it is important for the TS TECH Group to promote dialogue with customers, including on product and technical proposals.

As part of this effort, in November 2022 we held a presentation event to showcase the Group’s next-generation vehicle interiors, where we made product proposals to Japanese and other automakers. It provided an opportunity to unveil our new XR Cabin, which uses virtual reality technology and enables customers to experience TS TECH driving support features and high-efficiency seat climate control. The event also showcased a number of our other cutting-edge technologies, and customers provided a range of comments and opinions.

Based on this feedback, we are working to develop products that better meet customer needs, while also further refining our proprietary technologies to offer products that are even more appealing to our customers.

Proposing next-generation technology with XR Cabin
Proposing next-generation technology with XR Cabin

Relationships with shareholders and investors

Opinions received through proactive dialogue are reflected in management

We proactively carry out IR activities to ensure that all shareholders and investors understand the TS TECH Group’s financial results and management approach. We post financial results and timely disclosure information promptly on our website, hold financial results briefings every six months, and disclose these materials on our website. We also provide opportunities for securities analysts and institutional investors to meet with us every fiscal quarter, and hold over 250 dialogues each year. The valuable opinions we obtain in these dialogues are reported to the Board of Directors and other meetings and reflected in management. We believe this will raise corporate value in a sustainable way.

Financial results briefing
Financial results briefing

Relationship with the local community

Social contribution activities rooted in local communities

A major goal in our corporate philosophy is to become “A company sincerely appreciated by all.” Under this vision, the TS TECH Group engages in social contribution activities around the globe that are tailored to the situations and needs of each community. In July 2022, Indian subsidiary TS TECH SUN RAJASTHAN PRIVATE LIMITED donated desks and chairs to a local elementary school and renovated the school’s restrooms to help improve the learning environment for the students. In Japan, TS LOGISTICS CO., LTD. recovers recyclable waste from its business sites as valuable resources, and donates the proceeds to a children’s foster care facility. In this way, the Group has been engaged in activities to support the healthy development of children around the world. The Group also carries out a variety of other activities rooted in local communities. These include the preservation of ecosystems through tree planting activities, and the operation of an in-house cafe to help provide employment for people with disabilities.

Learning environment improvement at an elementary school in India
Learning environment improvement at an elementary school in India