Development of attractive products

Developing comfortable, multifeatured products to deliver excitement

In addition to safety and design characteristics, auto interior parts are expected to employ multifeatured technologies in areas such as seat adjustment to provide improved comfort and convenience. To meet these and other current needs, TS TECH develops seats that make it easier to configure seating flexibly while maintaining safety.
We help to raise the product value of completed vehicles through ideas based on research into user needs and the advanced technologies that give them concrete form.

Ergonomic seats designed for comfort

Seats that realize firm support and a sense of soft envelopment employ surface-support structures based on suspension mats that use plastic plates in place of conventional spring-based designs. Unlike spring-based structures that provide linear support, suspension mats integrated in the backrest and seating surface provide solid surface support for the spine down to the lower back and pelvis. Not only do they feel better, they minimize fatigue on long drives.

Seat frame that provides ergonomic comfort
Transition diagram of the old sheet frame and the latest sheet frame.

Affordable air conditioned seats

These air conditioned seats employ a simple single blower design to keep down power consumption.
A single blower provides adequate air flow by adjusting air channels and cutting air flow loss by more than half.
Since it can be provided even without an ECU, this affordable model is ideal even for entry-level models.

A photograph of a cheap white air conditioning seat and an image of the air blower passing efficiently through the duct and blowing cold air from the seat and backrest. It is stated that the air blowing loss is reduced by 50% or more compared with the conventional product.

Easy-to-operate separate left/right seats storable under the floor

These seats are much easier to use than traditional seats storable under the floor.
Simply pull the shoulder strap to fold the backrest forward and push the seat into the floor. Then, press slightly firmer to secure in place. That's all it takes to secure a flat, spacious luggage area. The seats can be stored separately on the left and right, making it easier to get in and out or load and unload through the hatchback.

Numerous proprietary technologies to confer the look of luxury

Pleasing looks are an important part of delivering products that users find attractive.
Our exterior quality technologies, which fuse our wealth of knowledge of the properties of cloth, leather, and other materials and our diverse processing techniques, are applied in areas such as wrinkle control technologies that gather automotive seat leather for a more attractive look and realistic stitching on motorcycle seats.

Pattern-transfer technology used in “real stitching” for motorcycle seats

We produce products using technologies developed to transfer stitches, grains, and other patterns on single-sheet seat surface materials.
Realistic stitching giving the appearance of a real stitched seat cover expands design freedom and results in motorcycle seating with a higher quality look.
It also improves durability by keeping moisture out of the seat.

Enlarged photo of a motorcycle seat and real stitching.

Door HMI stealth switches

In response to customer calls for simpler interior designs, we developed HMI switches that can be popped up simply by swiping a hand over them.
Door linings containing physical switches made of soft materials can be used for a wide range of applications without interfering with the interior design concept by selecting a pattern of lighting while maintaining switch usability.

Hold your hand over the blank door trim and let the buttons light up.