Sustainability Promotion Framework

Promotion Framework

TS TECH established the Sustainability Committee as an advisory body to the Executive Committee, which is responsible for overseeing business operations. The Sustainability Committee discusses issues related to overall sustainability for the Group, including climate change measures, and manages these efforts group-wide. During the course of its deliberations, important risks are identified and then managed in collaboration with the Global Risk Management Committee, depending on the nature of the risks concerned.

Matters deliberated by these two committees are shared with the Executive Committee, which then makes a formal decision on which matters are to be submitted to the Board of Directors for discussion. We strive to achieve sustainable growth for the Group and solve social issues by making decisions on sustainability initiatives at the management level.

Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Promotion Committee
  • Corporate Sales and Purchasing Division, New Business Management Division, Corporate Development and Engineering Division, Corporate Manufacturing Division, Corporate Quality Assurance Division, Corporate Administration Division, Corporate Business Administration Division, Corporate Managerial Planning Department
  • Americas Segment, China Segment, Asia Segment

Global Risk Management Committee


As the advisory body to the Executive Committee, the Sustainability Committee decides on sustainability policies and manages the progress made in achieving related goals and discusses important measures.

  • Confirmation of progress made toward achieving materiality KPIs (more than once a year)
  • Discussion of initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050
  • Identification of risks and opportunities related to sustainability and related scenario analysis (TCFD requirement)
  • Sharing of social trends and issues related to sustainability
  • Establishment and operation of system aiming to foster awareness of sustainability within the company

Composition of committee

This committee is chaired by the head of the Corporate Administration Division and made up of the heads of each functional and regional division. The Corporate Communication Department serves as the secretariat.

Activity plans

The Committee meets three times a year, in principle, and holds ad hoc meetings also when necessary.

Committee Activities During FY 2023

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Meeting Date Main Agenda Items
1st Meeting
May 27, 2022
  • Deliberated qualitative assessment of climate-related risks and opportunities for the Group, as well as information disclosure
2nd Meeting
October 26, 2022
  • Discussed the creation of a human rights policy and the establishment of a system for recognizing the sustainability-related efforts of employees
3rd Meeting
March 17, 2023
  • Deliberated qualitative assessment of climate-related risks and opportunities for the Group, as well as information disclosure
  • Discussed renewable energy and energy conservation measures
  • Evaluated progress made on achieving 2030 targets relating to the Group’s material issues, and the reviewed the medium-term targets