Thoughts on Sustainability

TS TECH's sustainability

Since its founding, TS TECH has conducted its business activities with the aim of fulfilling its two-pronged vision statement of being “a company dedicated to realizing people’s potential” and “a company sincerely appreciated by all.” We believe that management that gives full consideration to the environment, society, and governance is essential to the Group’s determination to achieve further growth and put its vision statement into practice. Given this, since April 1, 2017, we have included “ESG management” in our corporate management guidelines and have further accelerated these initiatives. Through our business, we work continuously to resolve sustainability issues and to be a company sincerely appreciated by all and whose presence is valued by all of its stakeholders. We will continue to work together as a Group.

Vision Statement and TS Standards for Conduct

TS TECH is able to demonstrate the value of its existence only by living up to the TS TECH Philosophy, the Group’s management philosophy. Implementing the vision statement laid out in this philosophy is the social responsibility the Group must fulfill, and doing so will help to build a sustainable world.

We believe a company that promotes transparent, sound business management and is appreciated by all stakeholders is one that possesses great promise. The TS Code of Conduct governs the day-to-day actions of every executive and employee, and guides them toward making appropriate decisions so that the TS TECH Group can be just such a company.

Basic Policy on Sustainability

The TS TECH Group has consistently worked to raise corporate value sustainably and foster a corporate culture based on the two elements of our vision statement—being “a company dedicated to realizing people’s potential,” which expresses our belief that people are the decisive factor in a company, and being “a company sincerely appreciated by all” stakeholders and society.

  • We will help to resolve social issues by implementing our vision statement, with its twin aims of being “a company dedicated to realizing people’s potential” and being “a company sincerely appreciated by all.”
  • We will improve the overall corporate value of the Group.
  • We will hold responsible dialogues with all stakeholders and build trusting relationships.

November 2021 Board Resolution

ESG Management and Medium-Term Management Plan

In the 15 Medium-Term Management Plan, we formulated 9 key strategies, consisting of growth strategies, regional strategies, and functional strategies, with an eye to what we will do in 2030. By working together as a group to implement these strategies, we will achieve even greater business growth and achieve the ESG management stated in our management policy.

Overview of 15th Medium-Term Management Plan
(FY2024 – FY2026)

2030 vision - statement
Innovative quality company
― Continued creation of new values ―

Realizing ESG


Priority strategy①
Securing cabin
coordination capacity

Priority strategy②
Further growth in
new businesses

Priority strategy③
A higher share of major
customers' products


Priority strategy④
V-shaped recovery in
North America

Priority strategy⑤
Restructuring the China
business strategy

Priority strategy⑥
Strategic growth in new
businesses in Europe


Priority strategy⑦
Supply chain

Priority strategy⑧
Enhancing efforts to
develop environmental technologies

Priority strategy⑨
Building high efficiency
production structures