Other products

Leisure vehicle seats

We supply seats for a wide range of leisure vehicles to enhance mobility, including personal watercraft and off-road buggies.

  • Seat for personal watercraft

    Seat for personal watercraft

  • Leisure vehicle seat that is white, low back, and can seat about three people side by side

    Leisure vehicle seats

  • Off-road buggy sheet with prominent yellow-green color

    Off-road buggy sheet

Medical chairs

Applying auto seat comfort technologies in the medical field

We're developing comfortable seating not just for vehicles, but for products in the medical field. Through joint development with manufacturers of medical and long-term care beds and other equipment, we design furniture that serves as beds while also providing both patient comfort and ease of treatment.

Medical chairs
The medical chair is viewed from the side to show the movement of the part where the foot rests.

The footrest can be used as a foot support when changing positions.

A side view of the medical chair shows how the armrests move.

Height is adjustable to facilitate during IV administration and blood sampling.