We use the latest technologies to manufacture seating products for everything from cars and motorcycles to medical devices.

Revenue by Business

Pie chart of TS Tech's business sales ratio
Pie chart of TS Tech's business sales ratio

Every seat we make contains technologies and ideas that one cannot imagine from appearance alone.

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Cutaway diagram
Half-cut model of a car seat Half-cut model of a car seat

Seat frame

A frame that supports the passenger's body through the incorporation of superior safety and comfort know-how

Trim cover (seat cover)

Seat covers made from material such as leather or fabric

Feature to mitigate impact on the neck

A feature that causes the entire body to sink into the seat to mitigate injury to the neck during a rear-end collision


Cushioning such as urethane with an optimal level of softness delivers comfort and prevents fatigue even on long drives.

Internal component diagram
Blue areas: Electrical components
Transmission view of the electrical components of a car seat Transmission view of the electrical components of a car seat

Sound and vibration systems

A feature that transforms the vehicle interior into a powerful entertainment space, with speakers built in to the seats

Seat heaters

A feature that makes drives in cold weather more comfortable by warming the seat surface

Electronic control unit (ECU)

A control for the electronic components housed in the seat

Side airbag

An airbag system to protect occupants during a side-impact crash

Air lumbar support

Makes long drives more comfortable by inflating and deflating air cells to adjust lumbar support; some models even feature massage features.

Power reclining

A function to electronically adjust the seatback angle to create an ideal riding posture

Seat belt reminder

A feature that determines when a passenger is present to deliver an alert to buckle up

Air conditioning systems

Vents on seat surfaces remove heat while seated, for a more comfortable drive

Power height adjuster

A function to electronically adjust seat height and seat cushion angle to create an ideal driving posture

Power slide

A function to electronically adjust the seat position to create an ideal riding posture

Seat position sensor

A mechanism that detects the position of the driver’s seat and deploy airbags accordingly

Occupant posture sensor

A feature that detects the physique and posture of the passenger seat occupant in order to deploy side airbags accordingly in a side-impact crash

Since our founding, we have achieved steady growth and delivered products to customers around the world.

Global map based in 13 countries Global map based in 13 countries


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Sales Trends

Consolidated number of employees


Nonconsolidated number of employees


Sales Trends Since the Establishment of TS Tech

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Sales Trends Since the Establishment of TS Tech

Consolidated number of employees


Nonconsolidated number of employees


The TS TECH Group's latest financial results

Consolidated Results for the Fiscal Ended March 2024

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Revenue by Segment

Pie chart of sales ratio by geographic segment of Tay Estec
Pie chart of sales ratio by geographic segment of Tay Estec

We maintain competitive strengths in spheres ranging from development through production.


Recognized to deliver world-leading safety by global assessment agencies, our products put passenger safety first.

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Dynamics red tester

Dynamic sled testing

We pursue passenger safety ceaselessly through precision impact testing with state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Image of a simulation analysis

Simulation analysis

Testing data from precision impact testing equipment provides more precise simulation analyses, contributing to even greater safety and faster development.


We strive to build products that reduce environmental impact to realize a sustainable society.

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Lightweight image of the sheet frame

Weight-saving technologies

We help improve fuel and power consumption by deploying various weight-saving technologies while improving the safety and comfort of seat frames, which account for a large share of seat weight.

Image of environmentally conscious products

Sustainable technologies

We develop seats that maintain comfort while using alternative materials, through development of plant-based surface materials, urethane, and resin covers.

Attractive products

We pursue wide-ranging aspects of comfort and convenience to keep pace with changing product needs.

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A comfortable car seat

Comfort technologies

Based on years of research into seats that help prevent fatigue, we've developed a proprietary theory of comfort that focuses on bodies relaxing under weightless conditions. We apply this theory to mass production to deliver ultimate comfort.

Seat coordination technologies

Our diverse seat coordination technologies based on structural design technologies built up over the years are deployed by European automakers with extensive histories and track records.


We continue to evolve our production lines to maintain stable delivery of products of the highest quality to our customers.

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Production line where humans and robots coexist

Automation Technology

We tackle the challenges of seat assembly, something previously considered difficult for robotic automation. Today, we promote efficient manufacturing on production lines where people share space with robots.

Product quality inspection

quality control

While seeking to improve quality testing via AI, we deliver products to customers that undergo rigorous final inspections of each unit by highly skilled inspectors.

Technology assessments

The IP generated through years of technological development has earned a strong reputation in Japan and worldwide among independent patent analysts.

Trends in total patent power* in the vehicle seat field

* Objective assessment of interest by Patent Result, based on factors such as use of prompt review system, number of citations of reasons for rejection, and claims filed for individual patents

Sales Trends Since the Establishment of TS Tech

*Using Patent Result's patent analysis tool (July 2023)

Trend graph of total patent power in Japan. TS Tech is No. 1. Trends in overall patent power in the United States. TS Tech is No. 1.

*Using Patent Result's patent analysis tool (July 2023)

Leveraging the technologies and expertise accumulated since our founding to achieve further growth

Further business expansion

The TS TECH Group's business as a Honda Group global partner has grown steadily. To achieve further growth, we're seeking to expand our share of Honda Group's business, secure new customers, and expand our commercial rights.


TS Tech's target sales ratio for the Honda Group and new customers for 2030
Sales growth through a larger share of Honda's business
Product Image for Honda Group
  • Forging new partnerships and leveraging them in sales activities
  • Steadily securing base seat frame orders
Securing new customers and expanding new commercial rights
Product image for new customers
  • Securing commercial rights for derivative models using technologies from existing main models
  • New customer development

Future challenges

In the auto industry, during this era of transition as witnessed by the shift toward EVs and progress in self-driving technologies, the business environment and market needs are changing rapidly. The TS TECH Group will achieve sustained corporate growth by continuing to supply attractive products that draw on proprietary technologies and our broad-ranging expertise while continuing to create the new value needed by the next generation mobility society.

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Next generation cabin space image

Next-generation vehicle interiors

In addition to research and independent development on interior experiences for next-generation vehicles, we are also partnering actively with other industries to create new technologies.

Photo of a flying car under development by teTra aviation corp..

Next-generation mobility

We take on the challenges of various fields in addition to motor vehicles, through efforts such as investment in companies working on development, manufacture, and sale of eVTOLs and joint development of interior parts.

Picture of sitting on a beloved seat and moving your body to enjoy the apps displayed on the tablet

New value creation

We fuse our seat and technologies with IoT to create new value by proposing enjoyable new applications beyond the mobility field, in areas such as healthcare and entertainment.


The TS TECH Group is accelerating its sustainability initiatives by identifying material topics and medium- to long-term targets as priorities for progress toward a sustainable society. As an enterprise involved in the field of motor vehicles, which directly emit CO2, we consider addressing climate change to be an important management topic, and we are striving toward eco-friendly manufacturing to realize carbon neutrality. We also strive toward solutions to social and environmental issues through social contributions, not just our business activities, as we seek to remain a company sincerely appreciated by all stakeholders.

Eco-friendly manufacturing

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Image of carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality

Aiming for a target of zero CO2 emissions from business activities in 2050, we strive to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain.

Image of sustainable products

Sustainable products

Our R&D initiatives strive to design products, materials, and production methods to lessen environmental impact in all stages of the product life cycle.

Solar power generation panel

Adoption of eco-friendly equipment

We're promoting adoption of eco-friendly equipment at facilities worldwide, through means including switching to energy-saving systems, using solar power, and reusing rainwater.

Social contributions

  • Saitama Stadium 2002 Players Bench Donation in Japan


    Donating a player's bench to Saitama Stadium 2002

  • Volunteer tree-planting activities in Canada


    Volunteer tree-planting

  • Distribution of food to the needy in Germany


    Distributing food to those in need

  • Donation of stationery to an orphanage in Brazil


    Donating stationery to orphanages

  • Donations to nursing homes in Mexico


    Donations to senior homes

  • Donation of goods to the needy in China


    Donating supplies to those in need

  • Children's baseball classes in regulation baseball clubs in Japan


    Children's baseball lessons by the baseball team

  • Donation of study supplies to schools in India


    Donating learning supplies to schools

  • Donation of original cushions to libraries in Japan


    Donating original cushions to libraries

  • Donation of original masks in the United States


    Donating original masks

Vision Statement

A company dedicated to realizing
people's potential

A company sincerely appreciated by all

Bringing joy to society through
the power of people