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Safe, comfortable, fatigue-resistant seats that make driving more enjoyable.
A wide range of products from comfort to sports models

We have continued to pursue not just safety, but ride comfort, an aspect that varies from individual to individual. To improve resistance to fatigue for people seated for extended periods, we perform repeated anthropometric studies and reflect them in our proprietary theories on seat comfort and posture.
Our goal is to make products that go beyond comfort to satisfy the needs of all drivers, including sports seats that make driving more fun by optimally supporting the driver's body.

Motorcycle products

We supply attractive products to meet customer needs around the world for vehicles from scooters through large motorcycles.

Our origins are as a supplier of motorcycle seats, which are undergoing dramatic change in areas such as ride, design, and durability alongside the development of new materials and new processing technologies.
We supply attractive products to customers around the world by pursuing durability and comfort under diverse conditions, including blazing summer heat and torrential rain, while fully considering aspects such as ease of use and touch ground.