We supply high performance products to meet customer needs worldwide for vehicles ranging from scooters to large motorcycles.

A photo of a large seat with the back of a Honda Goldwing motorcycle.

We got our start as a supplier of motorcycle seats. With the emergence and development of new materials and processing technologies, these seats are continually evolving in ride, design, and durability.
We supply high performance products while pursuing comfort and quality under a broad range of conditions including summer heat and torrential rain, while carefully considering ease of use and foot grip.

Realistic stitching
This is an enlarged photo of the real stitching part of a two-wheeled seat.

Improves waterproof performance and degrees of design freedom using a technology to transfer stitches and other patterns on single-sheet surface materials.

Multilayer cushions
Photograph showing the structure of the double-layer cushion by cutting a part of the seat for two-wheelers.

Achieves improved ride via a multilayer structure of urethane for outstanding fit and durability and mesh cushion layer to prevent bottoming out.

Heat resistant seats
Thermographic image of a conventional two-wheeled seat and a developed two-wheeled seat that does not heat up easily. The surface temperature of the conventional product is 80 degrees, while that of the developed product is 66 degrees.

These seats incorporate surface materials that dissipate ultraviolet rays from sunlight to keep the seat surface from getting too hot even under a blazing sun.

Environmental initiatives
Photograph of the bottom plate of a motorcycle seat made from biomass material under development.

We've developed compounds based on plant-based cellulose nanofiber instead of fiberglass on seat panels. These compounds are sourced from lumber from aged trees with low CO2 absorption properties and reduce weight by 36%.