Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TS TECH Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) has established the following privacy policy with respect to the management of personal information (Names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information that can identify an individual) provided to the Company. The Company recognizes the importance of personal information provided to it, and it strives to safeguard personal information by strictly observing laws regarding the protection of personal information as well as any related laws and regulations.

  • The Company acquires personal information through lawful, fair means.
  • The Company specifies the purposes for the usage of personal information to the extent possible, and it indicates, notifies, and discloses these to site users.
  • The Company will not use personal information for reasons other than those indicated, notified, or disclosed without user consent.
  • The Company will safely manage users’ personal information, taking appropriate security and management measures to prevent mishandling, loss, alteration, leaks, etc. of personal information.
  • The Company will respond in good faith in accordance with laws and regulations to inquiries from users regarding personal information.
  • Officers and employees of the Company will act in accordance with the TS Code of Conduct and exercise the utmost caution to prevent leaks of personal information, etc.

Management of Personal Information

  • Acquisition of Personal Information
    The Company acquires personal information through lawful, fair means.
  • Purpose of the Use of Personal Information
    nformation acquired by the Company will be used according to the following scope of usage. However, personal information subject to indication or notification of other usage at the time of acquisition will be used according to that scope of usage.
    • The Company will not use the e-mail addresses of individuals who send inquiries via the inquiry form on the website ( it operates or personal information obtained with respect to said inquiries for any purpose other than the content of said inquiries. Additionally, all personal information related to inquiries received will be deleted within six (6) months of the date of inquiry.
    • The Company discloses its policy for the usage of employees’ personal information on its internal message board and intranet.
    • The Company uses personal information provided from the time of application to the time of entry into the Company for its hiring activities and intake procedures only to the extent necessary.
      Unnecessary personal information will be disposed of appropriately at the conclusion of the hiring activity period.
    • Shareholders’ personal information will only be used in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other various laws and regulations.
  • Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties
    In the event of disclosure or provision of personal information obtained by the Company to a third party, the Company will obtain the consent of the individuals who provided said information, except where designated by laws or regulations.
  • Safety Management
    The Company has installed officers in each division that manages personal information to prevent mishandling, loss, alteration, leaks, etc. of personal information obtained, and it works to thoroughly protect personal information through employee awareness, educational initiatives, and leak prevention management. Additionally, if personal information is entrusted to a third party, the Company conducts appropriate oversight of personal information subcontractors.
  • Inquiries Regarding Personal Information
    Please submit all inquiries regarding personal information to the following department. We will confirm the rights of individuals who submit inquiries that are requests related to the disclosure, revision, suspension, or deletion of individual personal information and address matters accordingly.
For Inquiries Regarding Personal Information, Please Contact:

Personal Information Manager
Legal Affairs Section, Administration Department, TS TECH Co., Ltd.
3-7-27 Sakae-cho, Asaka-shi, Saitama