Organization chart

As of April 1, 2023

general meeting of shareholders

board of directors

Executive Committee

Corporate Sales and Purchasing Division

Sales Department

Audit and Supervisory Committee

Purchasing Department 1

Purchasing Department 2

New Business Management Division

Business Development Department

Corporate Development and Engineering Division

Development Control Department

Design Department 1

Design Department 2

Intellectual Property Department

Development and Testing Department

Motorcycle Engineering Department

New Product Development Department

Electrical Device Development Department

Corporate Manufacturing Division

Engineering Center

Model Control Department

Production Engineering Technology Department 

Tool Engineering Department

Production Equipment Engineering Department

Production Enhancement Center

Manufacturing Planning Department

Component Business Department

Saitama Plant

Production Department

Administration Department

Hamamatsu Plant

Administration Department

Suzuka Plant

Production Department

Administration Department

Corporate Quality Assurance Division

Quality Assurance Department

Quality Control Department

Corporate Administration Division

Human Resources Department

Administration Department

Corporate Communication Department

IT Department

Corporate Business Administration Division

Accounting Department

Corporate Managerial Planning Department

domestic affiliates

Americas Region

Americas Affiliates

China Region

China Affiliates

Asia and Europe Region

Asia and Europe Affiliates

Corporate Business Audit Department