Our Relationship with Local Communities

Our 13th Medium-Term Management Plan, currently in progress, states that in order to continuously engage in business activities, it is important to be a company that is deeply rooted in the community, and it names “social contributions that are appreciated by local communities” as a priority measure. The TS TECH Group works to coexist with local communities through a variety of social contribution activities it conducts around the world, striving to improve its corporate value as a company whose presence is appreciated by stakeholders.

Number of Social Contribution Activities in Fiscal 2019


Combating food loss

TS TECH held a food drive in its Tochigi district, and donated the food collected to the Takanezawa Council of Social Welfare. Employees were asked to bring excess food, such as items that they could not use, for donation. The 18 volunteer employees running the food drive gathered about 52 kilograms of food in one day.

Social welfare support

We have focused on social welfare support for many years, with the goal of creating a society where people with disabilities can work to their fullest.

Through the city of Asaka, the Asaka district donated sensory equipment for Snoezelen—a type of therapy which aims to relieve anxiety and tension that people with severe intellectual disabilities feel when involved in an activity—to Heartopia and the Shogaisha Fureai Center, two facilities that provide employment support and other social welfare services for people with disabilities.

In addition, our in-house cafes in the Asaka and Tochigi districts are operated in cooperation with local facilities that provide employment for people with disabilities.

* Snoezelen (pronounced /'snuz el e(n)/): The word is a neologism formed from a blend of the Dutch “snuffelen” (to snuggle; to sniff) and “doezelen” (to doze, to snooze). Since the equipment is designed to deliver gentle stimuli to the five senses using lighting effects, sounds, scents, vibrations, temperature, and touches that even people with severe intellectual disabilities can enjoy, it can make them feel relaxed. This therapy is also used in dementia care.


Assistance for the elderly and less fortunate households

We interact with elderly residents in communities where there are TS TECH offices, and we provide economic assistance to senior citizen homes. We also donate books and everyday goods to students from less fortunate households.

A team of volunteers from GUANGZHOU TECH INTERIOR TRIM MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. partnered with the government to visit and check in on elderly residents of the local community who have no relatives. GUANGZHOU TS AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR SYSTEMS CO., LTD. invited local students and their guardians to tour the plant and learn more about the company’s business.

Cleanup work to protect city streets and nature

We are also involved in ongoing environmental preservation activities. Through simple but effective activities such as picking up garbage on beaches and cleaning public roads near TS TECH offices, we are also trying to reduce environmental pollution in China, which has become a serious social problem.

At NINGBO EPZ TS TRIMONT AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR INC., 17 employees spent about two hours cleaning up a river, removing food wrappers, paper, plastic, and other litter.


Donating goods and volunteering in communities

Our locations in the Americas regularly donate items such as toys and school supplies to local children.

TRIMONT MFG. INC. volunteered with the local NPO Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) to pack vegetables for distribution and to build equipment to store food.

Cooperation with and participation in charity events

Twenty-four employees from TS TECH AMERICAS, INC. participated in the bicycle charity event “Pelotonia” to support cancer research. Two of them made sizable contributions to the event and earned the title of “high roller,” which is conferred on riders who collect large amounts of donations.

Ecosystem conservation activities

We work with local conservation organizations to protect ecosystems. Monarch butterflies pass through the U.S. state of Indiana, where TS TECH INDIANA, LLC is located, during their annual migration to South America. In order to protect the monarch butterfly, which has become an endangered species, the company is working to build a butterfly-shaped habitat conducive to breeding butterflies on the premises of its manufacturing plant.

Asia and Europe

Eco-bag donations

TS TECH SUN INDIA PRIVATE LIMTED donated 450 cloth eco-bags featuring the slogan “Let’s Eliminate Disposable Shopping Bags” to the local community. The company informed local residents that they could contribute to environmental conservation in their daily lives through measures such as not using disposable shopping bags.

Economic support

At TS TECH UK LTD, 15 employees formed a cross-departmental team to attempt the Three Peaks Challenge and climb three mountains in England, Scotland, and Wales. In conjunction with this, they used the Just-Giving website to raise about 500,000 yen in donations from both inside and outside the company. They then donated these funds to Brighter Futures, a charity which operates local hospitals.

Educational support for children

TS TECH (KABINBURI) CO., LTD. held a trash sorting lesson at a local elementary school to help students learn about the importance of protecting the earth and recycling. TS TECH TRIM PHILIPPINES, INC. donated crayons, notebooks, and other school supplies to 91 local kindergarteners to help prepare them for the transition to elementary school.

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