Our Relationship with Shareholders and Investors

Disclosure Policy

The TS TECH Group promptly and fairly discloses accurate corporate information to its stakeholders, including our shareholders and other investors. To this end, TS TECH has established a disclosure policy that is observed by all TS TECH officers and employees.

When disclosing information, we observe laws and rules concerning timely disclosure. Even when these provisions do not apply, we adopt a proactive approach to the disclosure of information deemed useful and appropriate to our stakeholders.

Our primary means of disclosing information include press releases and TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network)*, managed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This information is also posted on TS TECH’s website.

* A service that gathers timely disclosure releases of all listed companies, etc., throughout Japan and disseminates that information to investors and other users in real-time

Communication with Shareholders and Individual Investors

TS TECH actively promotes communication with shareholders and individual investors. We issue numerous publications, including the “Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders” (issued before each shareholder meeting) and the “Movement” report (published after our mid-term earnings announcement; in Japanese only). We also facilitate interaction through events such as the General Meeting of Shareholders, information sessions for individual investors, and exhibitions at investor relations (IR) events, as we work to further understanding about the TS TECH Group.

Company information session for individual investors

Communication with Institutional Investors

TS TECH creates opportunities to communicate with institutional investors in and outside Japan. In the middle and at the end of every fiscal year, we hold financial results briefings for institutional investors and analysts where TS TECH executives talk about business plans, performance, and corporate news. Our department in charge of IR conducts one-on-one interviews and holds small meetings every quarter and participates in conferences and conference calls as well. We also hold inspection tours at our production and development facilities to educate people about the TS TECH Group.

Development facility tour for institutional investors

Information on Our Website

We disclose business performance and other important information on our website with the goal of providing information to stakeholders such as institutional investors and analysts as well as shareholders and other individual investors. On the website, we work to clearly explain our company's initiatives through the "Product Development Project," which includes interviews with product developers and other efforts unique to TS TECH.

Basic Policy on Profit Sharing

TS TECH views the return of profits to shareholders as a key issue for management. We therefore work to improve corporate value through operations done with a long-term and global perspective in mind, and we have established as basic policy the continued and stable sharing of profits based on a comprehensive accounting of matters such as consolidated earnings and the payout ratio.

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