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Utilizing the latest facilities and advanced technologies,
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TS TECH is working toward developing safety related technologies for its seats in order to protect passengers. Our Safety Technical Center in Tochigi Prefecture and TS TECH Americas, Inc. are equipped with the latest facilities, and they are engaged in continuous research and development aimed at further improvement to safety-related technologies.
TS TECH was one of the world's first seat manufacturers to introduce a sophisticated dynamic testing equipment, and it has built a system enabling highly accurate crash safety testing. TS TECH examines the results of dynamic crash tests using its own high-tech evaluation and analysis technologies, thus further enhancing the safety performance of its products.
Based on the results of safety-related research and development, we have brought new products to the market, including a seat that alleviates the impact on the neck during rear-end collisions, and a seat weight sensor system to control the deployment of air bags depending on the body weight of the passenger. We are also improving the performance of these products.
TS TECH has also unveiled technical details of "occupant protection seat for head-on crash," which alleviates harm to passengers in front-end collisions. We are developing commercial applications for this technology.

Validating safety performance of our seats by safety performance testing from all angles

Our safety testing includes Front-end Collision Dynamic Testing, which measures product durability and harm level to the passengers during front-end collisions; Seatbelt Anchorage Testing, which measures the strength of seatbelts at their anchor points; Luggage Compartment Separator Dynamic Testing, which examines product strength in the event that luggage in the luggage compartment impacts the rear seat in a collision; and Airbag Deployment Testing, which examines the deployment performance and damage caused by airbags.

Our Safety Technical Center in Tochigi Prefecture uses a wide range of testing facilities, including two dynamic testing equipments, and CAE analysis technology to validate safety performance of our products night and day from all angles, and performs research to further improve safety performance.

Active headrest seat

The Active headrest system for a seat developed by TS TECH helps to reduce the impact to the neck during rear-end collisions. It obtained a top rating of "GOOD" in a performance test conducted by the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Occupant protection seat for head-on crash

Head-on collisions are a serious type of accident, accounting for about 60% of fatal automobile accidents (according to General Insurance Association of Japan survey).
The Occupant Protection Seat for Head-on Crash was developed to protect the safety of passengers from injuries to the lower limbs during head-on collisions.
In the instant that the sensor detects a collision, it strongly retracts the seatbelt, and simultaneously raise the front of the seat cushion and by tugging it rearward, which reduces the amount of movement of the passenger's hips. The passenger's body is held firmly to the seat, which reduces injuries to the lower limbs from the impact.

After presenting this technology at the annual spring congress (academic conference) of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) 2009 Spring Congress, the Company included this technology as a reference exhibit as part of its exhibit at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show in 2009. At present, the Company is continuing development of this technology as it works toward mass production of the system.

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