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Presenting multifunctional seats that improve user convenience

Nowadays, in addition to natural expectations of safety performance and design excellence into automobile interior products, manufacturers demand the incorporation of multi-functional technologies - for example, seat arrangements that are comfortable for the passenger and easier to use. TS TECH is meeting these needs of the age by manufacturing products such as seats that conform to a wide variety of layouts with simple operation and seats that stow under the floor automatically.
For motorcycles, TS TECH has produced world firsts such as a reclining seat that the rider can lean against and a sliding seat that can be adjusted to accomodate to the rider's height.
We actively contribute to the value of finished vehicles by developing product concepts that are born out of research into user needs and through our use of the high level multi-functional technologies that are required to turn those ideas into products.

Seats that easily stow individually underfloor

We have developed 3rd row seats which stow underfloor that are easier to operate and even safer than the originals.
Just by pulling a strap located at shoulder height on the seat, the seatback will fold forward and the seat will lower into the floor, requiring little more than a push to create a flat, spacious luggage area. In addition, the layout offers improved usability through the addition of left and right seats that stow individually, making it possible to enter the vehicle as well as load and unload items using the rear hatch. The seats can be returned to their original position safely and easily thanks to an assist mechanism and device to control the speed of the seats’ movement.


With just the pull of a strap, the seatback folds forward and the seat lowers into the floor, requiring little more than a push to fully stow.
The left and right seats stow individually, allowing entry through the rear hatch.
A removable, easy-to-clean floor mat is attached to the back of the left seat.
Stow both seats to create a flat luggage area.

A comfortable seat that reduces fatigue based on ergonomic research

So that we can develop seats that properly support vehicle occupants, TS TECH seeks to determine what it is that creates the feeling of comfort the moment after sitting down and searches for factors that reduce fatigue when one sits for an extended period of time. Different people feel comfort and fatigue in different ways, so we convert the relevant factors into numerical values that can be measured and evaluated, working toward the commercial development of even more comfortable seats through the application of ergonomic research.

Seats that pursue comfort

Many of TS TECH’s seats are designed from a unique perspective to support the body from the sacrum/spine to the 9th thoracic vertebra and reduce fatigue while driving. We measure and analyze the curvature of the spine, and, in order to create seats that are contoured to make the passenger feel comfortable, we have installed springs in the seatback, resulting in seats that offer a more secure fit, maintain a posture that does not put pressure on the hips and reduce fatigue on long drives.

Making use of a variety of technologies to further enhance the quality of surface finishes

Visual beauty is an important element in ensuring that we can offer an appealing product to users. TS TECH conducts research into materials and processing technologies so that it can continue to improve finish quality, which depends on the application of a variety of different technologies.
The technologies that we use to provide high finish quality are a fusion of a thorough understanding of the characteristics of materials such as cloth and leather and expert processing technologies. Examples include “wrinkle technology processing” that results in a beautiful gather in automobile seat leathers and “real stitching” that is utilized for motorcycle seats.

Pattern-transfer technology used in “real stitching” for motorcycle seats

TS TECH has developed a processing technology that reproduces the appearance of stitching and patterns on the surface of a single seat cover. We have improved the finish quality of motorcycle seats by increasing the amount of design freedom through the use of realistic “stitching” that looks just like the real thing. This also helps to make the seat more durable, by preventing water from penetrating into the seat interior.

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