Production System

Fulfilling the needs of our customers

To assure the integrity of our products, thorough process assurance systems have been introduced for each process

TS TECH sets up production lines with the goal of guaranteeing product quality for all processes. Tools and jigs are provided on each production line to assure work standards, and inspection equipment is set up at key points. In this way, thorough quality management is carried out for each process, and systems are firmly established, ensuring that only good products are passed through to the next process.
Furthermore, we have enabled a system of traceability (tracing of manufacturing history) for our major components via barcode management.

Flexible lines quickly adapt to the changing needs of clients

Because automobile interior products can be required in various colors and grades even for the same vehicle model, clients need small volumes in many different varieties. TS TECH has developed a flexible line structure that enables different kinds of products to be manufactured using the same line. It can respond flexibly and quickly to the changing requirements of our clients.

Minimizing product inventories and operating a direct parts delivery system using just-in-time production

To bring down production costs even lower, TS TECH has minimized product inventories and is providing products by direct delivery to the client using just-in-time production arrangements.

To make production more efficient, we create production plans using our unique standardization process, based on the clients' production schedules. As products come off the manufacturing line, our dispatch equipment reorders them by the client's production sequence. The products are then loaded onto trucks and delivered directly to the client.

Computer-controlled automated dispatch equipment that can instantly send out products for dispatch with nothing more than the entry of data.

Production system

  1. 1.Mold processing and production equipment

    TS TECH has installed the most advanced mold processing and production equipment, and it produces molds in-house. The objectives are to shorten mold development time frames and to strengthen and further acquire molding technologies.

  2. 2.Jig lines

    Products for multiple automobile models can be produced on the same production line. Productivity is greatly improved by reducing the setup man-hours required to change automobile models.

  3. 3.Integrated foaming and molding machine

    Cut and sewn leather is processed simultaneously with urethane molding. Process times are shortened, and in addition to shorter production times and lower costs, the quality of the finish is improved.

  4. 4.Soundproof test room

    The soundproof test room is situated at the end of the main line. In addition to the usual checks of finish and functionality, the actual sound that is made when the user sits down in the seat is checked rigorously.

  5. 5.Traceability system

    Each part is controlled using barcode management. Should any problems arise, this system enables us to accurately trace the cause, guaranteeing quick troubleshooting.

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