Creating Employee-Friendly Workplaces

A Company Dedicated to Realizing People’s Potential

As part of the corporate philosophy in which its business activities are rooted, the TS TECH Group is dedicated to realizing people’s potential, believing that “people are the decisive factor in a company.” This conviction underpins our stance on a diverse range of issues, including human rights, human resources development, evaluation and treatment of personnel, benefits, and the workplace environment. Under our corporate philosophy, we strive to create safe, comfortable environments where every employee can thrive.

Fostering a Greater Awareness of Human Rights

Based on international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the TS TECH Group has incorporated human rights and work environment standards into its Code of Conduct, which is defined based on the TS TECH Philosophy. The Group respects human rights, does not practice discrimination, strives for equal opportunities in employment, and does not accept any form of child labor or forced labor. We always use fair selection processes when hiring employees.

To foster a greater awareness of human rights, all employees receive educational training and a copy of the Corporate Principles Manual, which includes TS TECH’s Code of Conduct. Our Group companies in and outside of Japan base their own manuals on our Corporate Principles Manual, tailoring them to reflect local culture, customs, and laws in each region. All Group employees also receive training to foster a deeper understanding of human rights.

The manual distributed to all employees

TS TECH’s Code of Conduct

  1. 1. Providing safe, comfortable, and high-quality products and services
  2. 2. Human rights and work environment
  3. 3. Protection of the environment
  4. 4. Relationship with society
  5. 5. Compliance
  6. 6. Protection of company assets and information
  7. 7. Fair and clean business practices
  8. 8. Proper disclosure of information

Work–Life Balance

TS TECH has established a system that enables employees to balance work and family life and adopt a variety of work styles to suit their particular stage of life.

In addition to allowing employees to take up to six days of paid leave in half-day increments, we introduced a flextime system with no core time in 2018. Promoting flexible, varied work styles makes it possible to improve work productivity through efficient time allocation and helps support employees balancing work with childcare, nursing care, or other personal obligations. In addition, in 2019 we extended our system for shortened working hours for parents to cover children until they graduate elementary school.

As a result of these and other efforts, TS TECH placed fifth (seventh in the previous year) in a 2021 ranking by Toyo Keizai Inc. of the 800 companies in Japan with the highest rate of paid leave use.

In addition to the measures above, we are working to diversify work styles and support work–life balance by enhancing our childcare and nursing care leave system and by establishing a new system of up to five days of refreshment leave for every 10 years of service.

Work-Style Reforms That Promote Diversity

The TS TECH retirement age was extended to 65 in 2019, allowing employees to choose their own retirement age after the age of 60. We are providing employees with opportunities to continue working as the population ages and the birthrate falls, as well as providing a time frame for veteran employees to pass on their skills and knowledge, thereby enhancing business continuity.

In addition, we introduced a work-from-home system in 2020 as a means to help our diverse workforce thrive. By combining this system with the existing flextime system, we aim to improve labor productivity while ensuring employee safety and business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are also making maximum use of online communication tools to strengthen communication among employees. We will continue to build systems to facilitate more active participation by a diverse workforce in a diverse environment.

Selective training for management using the work-from-home system and online tool

Diversity Initiatives

The TS TECH Group recognizes the importance of diversity and promotes various initiatives in accordance with TS TECH’s Code of Conduct as a means to share this concept with employees. In order to empower our diverse human resources to play an even more active role, we implement medium- to long-term measures to improve hiring and the work environment to ensure that gender, nationality, and other factors are no impediment to advancement. Our long-term goal is to expand these efforts to regions outside Japan as well, tailoring them to suit each specific country.

As part of our efforts to promote diversity among our employees, we have incorporated content designed to deepen understanding of diversity into each training program. In particular, the training for managers includes a full-day diversity lecture by an outside expert so that they can learn in detail how to work with diverse human resources. In addition, we collect opinions through various methods, such as the annual employee satisfaction survey and interviews with young employees, and we reflect them in our management in order to create an environment where all employees can use their respective knowledge, experience, and abilities to the fullest to play active roles.

Initiatives for Hiring Persons with Disabilities

In addition to regularly communicating with Hello Work*, employment support centers, and special needs schools, we actively recruit persons with disabilities by offering work experience with the aim of matching persons with disabilities with our company and furthering their understanding of work.

As part of our employee retention efforts, we regularly conduct interviews with and surveys of employees with disabilities. We also strive to create employee-friendly workplaces by acting on feedback about the issues our employees face at work.

  • * An employment service operated by the Japanese government that has offices nationwide

Educating Employees about the TS TECH Philosophy

We continuously conduct TS TECH Philosophy Education so that each and every employee understands the concept that “the existential value of TS TECH can only be found by embodying the ‘TS TECH Philosophy’” as a shared value and puts this into practice.

We began TS TECH Philosophy Education at Group companies outside Japan in 2015. In order to ensure that employees of diverse backgrounds as well as nationalities have a deeper understanding of the TS TECH Philosophy, promoters selected from Group companies outside Japan or managers who have been trained by promoters take the lead in educating local employees about the philosophy.

Also, in Japan, to foster a sense of solidarity with the TS TECH Philosophy and encourage employees to put it into practice, we have begun to send out company messages to employees and share episodes related to employees’ practice of the TS TECH Philosophy. Based on the new initiatives in Japan, we will work with Group companies outside Japan to promote education that leads to the understanding and practice of the essence of the TS TECH Philosophy.

Human Resources Development

In 2020, we restructured our training system with the aim of developing management candidates and further improving the motivation and capabilities of all employees.

Under the new training system, basic management-related content such as finance/accounting and marketing was added to each curriculum in rank-specific training, and a new selective training for management-level employees was introduced to gradually develop the next generation of managers.

In addition, we are actively working to make training more efficient through online training and other means, and to expand educational opportunities for employees who want to learn more.

Education and training programs

Education and training programs

Workplaces Where Women Can Thrive

After hearing from a wide range of female employees, we introduced maternity uniforms and established an on-site day care center. We have also created a child-rearing support handbook and are working hard to ensure that TS TECH is a company where everyone can thrive.

In recognition of these efforts, we were certified in 2015 by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare (Kurumin Certification) as a company that supports childcare based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. In addition, we were certified in 2016 by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare (highest level Eruboshi Certification) as a company with outstanding measures to promote participation by women in the workplace based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

Fair Assessment of Personnel

TS TECH Group personnel assessments do not take factors such as age, educational background, or gender into account.

In Japan, for example, we have adopted a system for evaluating how well an employee “demonstrates and applies their abilities compared with what is expected of them.” With a precise understanding of the skills and accomplishments of our individual employees and compensation provided through salary, rank, and other forms of remuneration, we are able to motivate employees and encourage them to fully demonstrate their abilities and take on new challenges. We also incorporate elements of the TS TECH Philosophy into our assessments in order to encourage the behavior and practices we expect from our employees. In addition, employees receive feedback from superiors at least twice a year regarding work performance and the acquisition and demonstration of skills in order to make them aware of their performance and encourage growth.

Communicating with Employees

Conducting Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We conduct an employee satisfaction survey annually at TS TECH. The survey assesses job satisfaction, workplace atmosphere, the depth of education provided, and more. Through these surveys, we gauge levels of satisfaction with the company from a broad, diverse range of perspectives.

We believe that continuing to survey employees, identify issues, and make improvements helps to bolster employee motivation and organizational strength.

Talking with the Union

The company respects basic labor rights and regularly communicates and consults with the TS TECH Workers’ Union in a mutual effort to improve labor conditions and the workplace environment, and to promote a better work–life balance.

Promoting Occupational Safety and Health

Our basic safety and health policy is based on a dedication to realizing people’s potential and prioritizing safety in our business activities. Under a management system led by safety and health officers, TS TECH continually performs a PDCA cycle in accordance with its occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS) to achieve three goals: injury prevention, better employee health, and a more comfortable workplace environment.

Specific initiatives include risk assessment, kiken yochi training (KYT; hazard prediction training), and hiyari-hatto(near-miss reporting) activities*, which we conduct at all business sites. We take countermeasures like these in anticipation of potential workplace risks as part of our efforts to prevent work-related accidents. We have also held training sessions led by lecturers from the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association annually since 2007, helping to enhance the skills of risk management advocates (safety officers, production site managers, etc.).

In addition to the stress checks prescribed by Japan’s Industrial Safety and Health Act, we focus on employee health through a system that includes affiliations with mental health specialists to ensure that employees who are concerned about mental health issues can work with company staff to promptly receive care from outside specialists. We also regularly conduct internal seminars and other programs to promote a proper understanding of mental health. Since 2019, influenza vaccinations have been provided onsite to interested employees. By subsidizing the cost, we promote individual risk management and help to prevent the spread of infection within the company.

  • * Hiyari-hatto (near-miss reporting) activities: Safety-minded activities regarding incidents in which no accident actually occurred, but involved parties report the near-misses; from the Japanese hiyari (feeling a sudden chill) and hatto (having one’s breath taken away).

Group-Wide OSHMS Diagram

Group-Wide OSHMS Diagram

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