Our Relationship with Employees

Fostering a Greater Awareness of Human Rights

As outlined in TS TECH’s Code of Conduct, TS TECH respects human rights, does not practice discrimination, strives for equal opportunities in employment, and does not accept any form of child labor or forced labor.

The Code also discourages the use of words that are discriminatory in nature or could be construed as such. A Corporate Principles manual explaining the concepts underlying the Code is distributed to all employees, and training is conducted to ensure that everyone clearly understands the importance of respecting human rights. Overseas Group companies use this manual as a basis for developing their own educational approaches that reflect local culture, customs, and laws, and for deepening each employee’s understanding of human rights awareness.

In accordance with our TS TECH Philosophy, we conduct fair hiring practices.

FY2017 8
FY2018 9
FY2019 8

Educating Employees Globally about the TS TECH Philosophy

Since 2015, the TS TECH Group has provided “TS TECH Philosophy Education” through TS TECH Philosophy promoters selected by overseas Group companies. Promoters and the managers they train regularly provide educational opportunities to local staff to familiarize them with the TS TECH Philosophy. We are working to further strengthen our unity as a group by sharing and establishing a common awareness (values) on a global level.

TS TECH Philosophy Education reached approximately 90% of employees globally in fiscal 2019.

The manual distributed to all employees

Diversity Initiatives

Conduct at the TS TECH Group is based on TS TECH’s Code of Conduct. Respect for diversity is a priority and an idea that we vigorously promote. We strive to build workplaces where everyone—in particular, female, disabled, and foreign employees—can thrive, so we implement medium- to long-term policies to support non-discriminatory employment and working conditions. We also undertake long-term efforts to develop our overseas Group companies so that they integrate well within the countries in which they are located.

In addition, we are working to promote an understanding and awareness of diversity, gathering a wide range of opinions through a variety of methods such as gauging diversity-related awareness through an annual employee satisfaction survey and facilitating dialogue between the Human Resources Department and young employees. One example of our efforts is diversity management training for management. We are working to develop an environment in which our diverse group of employees can make the most of their respective individual knowledge, experience, and abilities in order to thrive.

Major Personnel Data (As of March 31; Full-time employees only) (Non-consolidated)

FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of employees
by gender
Male 1,529 1,543 1,531
Female 181 180 185
Total 1,710 1,723 1,716
Average years of service Male 15.9 16.0 16.3
Female 14.1 14.4 15.1
Total 15.7 15.9 16.2

Hiring pamphlet about women in the TS TECH workplace

Initiatives for Hiring Persons with Disabilities

In addition to regularly communicating with Hello Work,* employment support centers, and special needs schools, we actively recruit persons with disabilities through participation in job-hunting events for persons with disabilities.
In addition, as part of employee retention efforts, we regularly conduct interviews with and surveys of employees with disabilities, and we are working to build a system that can help us identify problems they face at work.

* An employment service operated by the Japanese government that has offices nationwide

The TS Women’s Committee (TWC)

TWC is an entity that plans and formulates policies to ensure that the voices of a diverse group of female employees are heard in order to further improve their motivation and satisfaction. TWC members, employees chosen from each domestic location, then propose these policies to management. They make proposals that are tied to the development of personnel systems and workplace environments that leverage diversity so that everyone can actively participate, and these proposals may then be adopted.

Specific initiatives aimed at creating “a company where everyone can thrive” have included the creation of maternity uniforms, the establishment of an on-site day care center, and the creation and distribution of child-rearing support handbooks.

Tekuteku Kids Day Care, an on-site day care center

TWC Report, a regular feature in the company newsletter

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