Our Approach to CSR

Vision and Mission

The TS TECH Philosophy is a company principle that has been passed on since the company’s founding to achieve the TS Group’s aim of being “a company sincerely appreciated by all.”

TS TECH Philosophy

We believe a company that promotes transparent, sound business management and is appreciated by all stakeholders is one that possesses great promise. The TS Code of Conduct governs the day-to-day actions of every executive and employee, and guides them toward making appropriate decisions so that the TS TECH Group can be just such a company.

TS Code of Conduct

Overview of ESG Management

Figure (Overview of ESG Management)

Two Priority Measures

The basic policy for the 14th Medium-Term Management Plan is “corporate evolution through ESG management.” We established “evolution for business growth” and “stronger business operations structure to support evolution” as the two priority measures to underpin the basic policy. In addition, we set out seven initiatives we will take to achieve the two priority measures, and we are striving for ESG management at all of our business sites around the world.

Figure (Two Priority Measures)

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