Environmental technology

What we can do for the “global environment”

Reducing environmental impact under the theme of
"environmentally friendly manufacturing"

Reducing CO2 emissions is an urgent challenge for all of us if we are to mitigate global warming. TS TECH is reducing product weight to improve vehicles' fuel efficiency, in order to protect the global environment.
We work in many ways to reduce product weight while ensuring safety performance and riding comfort, including reviewing each constituent part of a product during the design stage, and reducing the number of components through advances in research on the materials and machining technologies. We always work to make a product lighter than its previous model.

TS TECH also independently develops technologies for materials that improve product recyclability, in order to help create a resource-circulating society.
We will actively work toward "environmentally friendly manufacturing" in order to continuously fulfill our social mission of reducing environmental impact.

Responding to environment-friendly vehicles

Recent years have seen large numbers of hybrid cars entering the market. The parts for these hybrid cars must be made lighter; additionally, these cars' distinctive body shapes, battery layout, and other factors can place more limitations on the car's internal space than gasoline cars.
Under these circumstances, TS TECH manufactures seats that meet these requirements at a high level, through our research and development to improve seat shapes in order to make the automobile interior as spacious as possible, and improve the structure of the body mount and riding comfort.

New cushioning material "Respirare"

Conventionally, most seat cushioning material has been composed of urethane, but TS TECH is currently engaged in research and development on use of polyester as a cushioning material – the same material that is used for seat covers.
We are currently developing commercial applications for this new cushioning material. By making seats of single material, it will be possible to recycle them without the need for disassembly or separation, and it is lighter and more breathable than urethane.

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