Toward the advanced next generation of automobile interior parts

With a wealth of technical strengths and development abilities,our sights are set on developing advanced, world-leading technologies

Amid the continuing evolution of technologies in the automobile industry, parts makers, too, must be able to offer a wider range of high-level technologies. From its Technical Center base in Tochigi Prefecture to overseas development hubs such as TS TECH AMERICAS, INC. in the United States, TS TECH is vigorously pushing forward research and development activities aimed at producing new technologies and new products.
Utilizing the wide range of technical capabilities we have accumulated thanks to our position as a general manufacturer, we have been able to develop our own highly competitive products. Furthermore, we utilize the information we gain from our overseas production activities to build technical capabilities that are utilized around the world.
TS TECH will continue to boldly aim for advanced, world-leading technical development capabilities, while keeping a close watch on the future of the automobile industry and pushing for the deeper, broader evolution of future technologies.

Advancing research and development focused on safety, environmental and attractive product technologies

TS TECH conducts research and development in a wide range of fields, including safety technology, which protects passengers from the impact of collisions in case of an emergency;
environmental technology, which helps improve vehicles' fuel efficiency and create a society that reuses resources; and attractive product technology, which meets a wide range of needs, including support for comfortable driving, as well as the demands on automobiles as "mobile spaces."

In industrialized countries, awareness of safety and the environment is growing, while user needs are becoming more diverse. Meanwhile, motorization is increasing in developing countries. Amid these trends, the role of automobile interior products as the interface between people and automobiles is growing larger than ever.
The Company meets the needs of the continually growing automobile market by further advancing its three core technologies - safety, environmental, and attractive product - and offering them to its customers at competitive prices.

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