Development System

Striving for even greater safety assurance

Verifying the safety performance of our seats through highly accurate collision testing

To develop products with proven levels of superior safety, the Safety Technical Center in Tochigi Prefecture and TS TECH AMERICAS, INC. in the United States have installed a total of three pieces of dynamic testing equipment and are conducting tests on collision safety performance from a variety of perspectives.
The dynamic testing equipment, which is able to create conditions (shock wave types) very close to those experienced during an actual vehicle collision, is used to create a vast store of experimental data. This allows us to perform highly accurate collision testing and evaluations. The stored experimental data is also used to perform CAE-based analysis.

Achieving even greater product appeal

Developing highly competitive and unique,
attractive products through the "LPL System"

TS TECH has introduced its "LPL System" to support new product development. An LPL (Large Project Leader) is put in place to manage all divisions and overseas offices associated with a product development project, and it provides total management from planning proposals through commercial production. The LPL serves as the point of contact with the client and, leading all divisions, undertakes the development of highly competitive and attractive products that are unique to TS TECH.

Ensuring high quality products by utilizing advanced technologies to check prototypes

Even when a product design looks perfect, manufacturing difficulties or appearance issues may occur when the actual product is being made. Our highly experienced and skilled prototype engineers fabricate actual prototypes based on finished drawings and check the product's precision, workmanship, and for any issues in mass production using CAE tools.
The product specifications are perfected by providing each division with feedback on issues for further improvement.

Prototype simulation with CAE, incorporating the characteristics of materials such as stretchability, etc. (Example of a trim cover) / Generation of patterns / Development into an actual product

To be doubly sure of product quality outcomes, we carry out not only evaluations of the product itself, but also thorough evaluations of the materials used

TS TECH evaluates the materials it uses to ensure that its products are of the highest possible quality. Fabrics, resins, urethanes, steels, adhesives and more are tested as raw materials that will form part of a product, and the most suitable materials are carefully selected. Product quality is doubly assured, not only in evaluations of the product itself, but also through evaluations of the materials used.

Our comprehensive management of electronic components, which are essential to seats, spans everything from planning to system verification

Many electronic components are installed in car seats, which are becoming more sophisticated as time goes by. Their functions vary, but they are important components that improve the value of a seat in terms of safety and comfort. TS TECH develops technology in a self-sufficient manner, handling everything from the recommendation of features for new seats to customers to control settings and system verification.

Development sequence

1.Research and advanced plans

To identify the positions of our products, we conduct market research and other studies. We study competitive proposals based on our research.

2.Plans and proposals

We prepare plans and proposals in accordance with the results of our research and studies, based on concepts presented to us by auto manufacturers.


Using CAD tools, we prepare designs on an independent basis. Design data reflecting each division’s feedback is created.

4.CAE-based analysis

Utilizing computer-aided engineering systems, product processing methods, structural aspects, materials, etc. are analyzed and evaluated to work up drawings before producing physical prototypes.

5.Prototype research

Prototypes are produced after precision has been thoroughly refined through CAE-based analysis, and issues such as straightforward specifications and increasing product appeal are studied.

6.Collision testing

Highly accurate collision testing is conducted using dynamic testing equipment. Safety performance of our products can be empirically verified.

7.Durability performance testing

A variety of durability performance tests are carried out, from those involving the strength and durability of the products themselves, to their durability and performance evaluations in a variety of different environments.

8.Evaluation (Review)

The design specifications of products are repeatedly reviewed from many different perspectives, and issues identified are fed back to the relevant divisions. The specifications are approved after improvements are made.

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