Development and Production Systems

Global development and production systems to meet customer needs

A global management structure to achieve simultaneous worldwide new-model planning and development as well as uniform production quality worldwide

Supplying parts for global strategic vehicles that are simultaneously produced and sold worldwide requires smooth, prompt development that meets customer needs as well as a high standard of quality.

TS TECH has adopted a regional management control structure comprised of the Americas, China, Asia, and Europe. We promote close collaboration between the regions while enhancing the production support system from Japan at the global headquarters and omni-directional management structure.
For global strategic vehicles, the information and needs held at each country's sites are concentrated in Japan from the product planning stage. Our Japanese headquarters perfects product specifications and production methods and swiftly disseminates them to other countries. We have adopted a system which allows us to manufacture products with minimal down time and reliable, high quality.

A development system that efficiently creates
high-quality products at a low cost

TS TECH's development facilities are based at the Technical Center in Tochigi Prefecture and our subsidiary in the United States, TS TECH AMERICAS, INC. All of the equipment necessary for effective research and development is concentrated at these sites, and the sales, purchasing, quality control and production divisions are also located here. These facilities are where new product development work takes place.

To enhance overall product attractiveness, TS TECH sets its own quality targets higher than those demanded by its clients, and at every stage of planning, all sites and divisions around the world work together to hit these targets. A QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) structure is in place at the upstream stage, prior to the start of production, and this ensures that the wishes of all sites and divisions are reflected in product development. This arrangement allows for a smooth process flow all the way from development through fullscale production with minimal down time.

Our development stage aims to enhance high-grade IT equipment, including various CAD/CAE systems and the CATIA-V5 suite, and we actively promote online data exchange and prototype-free development. In addition, by promoting simultaneous parallel development for each development phase, we aim to reduce development time frames and costs.

CAD: Computer-Aided Design. Three-dimensional computerized design.
CAE: Computer-Aided Engineering. Computerized simulation.
CATIA: The world's most widely used three-dimensional CAD Software.

A flexible production system born from our advanced manufacturing know-now

To ensure that quality targets are met for each product, the production engineering division also provides input from the earliest developmental stages, and it relies on production planning and production methodologies that are required to achieve stable product quality outcomes. To that end, TS TECH makes the most of the production technologies and know-how in which it takes pride, such as its processing and assembly technologies.

Moreover, the Engineering Center, located on the premises of the Technical Center, works to achieve further advancement of production technologies and to amass additional production expertise and is engaged in the processing and manufacture of the metal molds that are essential to production.

TS TECH is constantly updating its production systems to ensure that all production facilities always attain the Company's self-imposed product quality targets and that client requirements are satisfied. Our Saitama Plant in Gyoda has established a production system which is highly efficient and minimally impacted by changes in production.
Examples include an assembly line that accomodates the differing number of processes required for different types of models, reliable quality assurance systems for each step of the production process, and flexible line structures that can produce products for a variety of vehicle models.

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