Working towards Management Focused on ESG

TS TECH will pursue ESG management at all of its global sites under its 13th Medium-Term Management Plan, aiming to become a company that does not just seek to earn profits through its business, but to also coexist harmoniously with society and be a company sincerely welcomed by all whose presence is appreciated by stakeholders.

Overview of ESG Management

Corporate philosophy

Initiatives for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit set out a comprehensive vision of what the world should look like by 2030 across a wide range of areas: the economy, the environment, and society. TS TECH believes that working towards management focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors is essential to make this vision a reality. The objective of TS TECH’s ESG-focused management is to contribute to a sustainable society while working toward sustained growth as a company.

Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs

Three Key Corporate Initiatives

TS TECH’s 13th Medium-Term Management Plan includes the “creation of a foundation for ESG management.” Our three priority measures for assisting with this are “sustainable business growth,” “diversity management,” and “harmony with the social environment.” TS TECH has established eight additional corporate initiatives in order to make these priority measures a reality, and it is working to bring ESG-focused management to all of its sites worldwide.

Three Key Corporate Initiatives

Approach to ESG Management

The TS TECH Group is bolstering its measures related to ESG, an area with growing needs. Using the global standard ISO 26000, we promote a systematic disclosure of information at work sites related to our sources of value creation: research and development, sales, purchasing, all stages of manufacturing, and quality control. Refer to each subject of the standard for further details.

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